Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Changchun OITP final briefing

Here is the gist of it.
Airport and related stuff:
Bring all relevant travel documents.
Ensure check in Luggage does not exceed 20kg
Get to T1, Changi Airport by 5.45am on 18th February 2008. If we all want to seat together in flight, please come as early as possible. I will generally recommend 5am. We get to choose our seating arrangement, which means you could be cleared way early or be left sitting next to some guy who likes to sniff your underwear.
No liquids are allowed to be brought on board.
Stick together as a group
Keep a close watch on your own luggage, and do not leave anything behind at any airport as we will not go back to retrieve any forgotten items
Wear warm clothing when in Singapore so as to limit skin exposure to blizzard conditions. Long pants and long sleeved shirt with a winter jacket as well as gloves and hats
Living in Changchun and related stuff:
After the experiences of the guinea pig batch, please bring more than $500. The lecturers recommend $800 to $1000 worth of renminbi.
Bottled Mineral water should be the preferred source of water intake.
Bring your own towel, shampoo and soap as it will not be provided by the hotel.
Ensure that the winter clothing you have or are planning to get be of subzero (below zero) standard as recent blizzards as well as the highest snowfall in 50 years means it will be a tepid 20 degrees celsius below zero (-20) when we arrive.
Get a flu jab, as well as any relevant injections.
Bring moisturisers and lip gloss/balm to ensure a non bleeding and cracked visage.
Bring an inhaler if you are asthmatic.
Our train will have beds, but should you be unable to sleep due to mind numbing cold or adrenaline, bring some non electrical entertainment along.
*If I missed out on anything please let me know*

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