Thursday, January 31, 2008

Class Outing

This is the finalised plan for the class outing.

Day/Date : Monday 4th February 2008AD
Activity : Bowling/Dinner
Location : Marina South, near City Hall MRT.
Meet at : City Hall MRT Station.
Meeting time: 3.00pm*
Persons : Kay, Fabian, CR, Ben, Jeremy, Sean, Paul, Wei Jian, Jonathan, Louis, YS, Elbon, Bastien and Sian Wee. More pending.
Cash needed : Please bring some money for activities. Around $10++

Could someone bring a camera? We need some new, updated class photos.

*Mr Lai arriving at around 4++pm.We will be beginning activities early however.

Also, Fabian, CR, Jeremy, Ben and Ys will be going early, anyone wanting to join them, ask them for further details.

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haizz said...

i can bring camera..